Enabling password outside the domain

We have 10 locations running XP Pro who access head office through software Sonicwall connectors on their PCs through a Sonicwall TZ 170. They do this to get access to a mapped drive and collect their email using Outlook 2003; Yes I know they can use OWA, but they have the mapped drive for all documents.
HO domain runs SBS 2003, the 10 locations are not in the domain.
If I have a password policy in place at HO, is there a way that the 10 locations can be informed when their passwords are about to change, rather than them phoning up when it happens and they cant get in.
I might not be around the day the passwords are about to change and suddenly the 10 locations cannot get access to their stuff? Again, is it possible for these non domain machines to get notification of impending password change?
Could they be part of the domain? Bearing in mind that when they first log onto those machine in the morning they cant log straight onto the domain because the Sonicwall hasn't come up yet.
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James MontgomeryCommented:
In general they can be made to dial up the vpn and be members of the domain - you can do this with standard pptp vpns, not so sure about your sonicwall client.

"Yes I know they can use OWA, but they have the mapped drive for all documents."

I'm not sure what you are referring to here, but do you know you can password change in OWA?

jasonbourneciaAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your link Jimbo, I assume that password change you mention in OWA changes their domain password? If so, then they will be able to get to shared drive as well?
You questioned something I wrote. They use the Sonicwall secure connection so they can get to a shared folder on the server as well as using Outlook in Office 2003 on their machines
James MontgomeryCommented:
Right so-
These machines are not domain members - correct?
They use software vpn to establish connection - correct?
They have a drive mapped (how is this done) to the server- correct?
When there password expires - does the vpn break, does the mapped drive break or both?

The OWA password change lets users change their domain password.

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jasonbourneciaAuthor Commented:
Hi JimboEfx,
Sorry for the delay.
These machines are not in the domain.
Yes they use sonicwall client software to connect through a TZ170 Sonicwall box at head office as a secure connection.
Once they were first connected, a mapped drive was set up in explorer to the shared 'F' drive on the server.
I haven't set up password policy yet, but I can tell you that passwords exists in the Sonicwall, so the connection doesn't drop to head office; the staff don't know those passwords. But if I change their domain PW, then obviously they lose connectivity to the F drive.
I suppose I could join those PCs to the domain once the connection is up. But 2 things, when they first log on, they are not connected to the domain, would that mean they would always be using a local profile; which probably wouldnt matter? And secondly, one of them was on the domain and when they tried to connect to the F drive it would sometimes take up to 15minutes to connect!!! When I removed them from the domain, it was much quicker. Of course I was tidying their machine as well so it could have been a coincidence.
jasonbourneciaAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the delay, thanks JimboEfx
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