Microsoft Virtual PC Server 2003 Guest cannot connect to the internet

Hello all,

i have a problem i've been dealing with for quite a while, and i'd appreciate it a lot if it could be solved.
it goes like this: i've used Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 in order to install a windows server 2003 OS Guest on a windows server 2003 host.
everything seemed well untill i tried to run microsoft update, when i kept being told i need an internet connection in order to run it. the strange thing is that during the guest OS installation - i was asked whether or not i want to add the machine to a domain. when i entered the domain's name, i was asked to enter a username and password, and only then was it denied (i'm not an administrator on the domain). doesn't that mean i DID have an internet connection?

anyway, i've tried to fix it using different kind of solutions, some i've found here, some elsewhere.
i've tried configuring the loopback driver on both the host and guest and add each to the host file of the other, i've tried installing the VMNetSrv service on the network adapter of the host, and yes, i always made sure in the virtual PV settings that the adapter used by the guest belongs to the host (what does bother me, though, is that even though the adapter is a broadcom, which even the VPC settings supports, when inside the guest - the network adapter is presented as some kind of intel generic adapter. is that normal!?).

other than that - what are the standard configurations on a new virtual PC, that will enable it to work with networking?

to make a long story short - nothing worked, so i'm asking for your knowledge and assistance.

many thanks in advance to all helpers!!
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To answer one of your questions, yes it is normal for your Windows 2003 VM to have a generic network adapter when it is virtualized.  

Are you sure you don't have a Windows Networking problem, rather than a virtual setup problem?   What can you tell me about the IP addressing of your host 2003 box and the guest?   Is that setup as normal?   Are you statically assigning an IP to the 2003 Guest VM or is it able to get an IP from the host?

If you're truly stuck - I would suggest downloading an eval copy of VMWare Workstation or the free Server product - and try your luck that way.  Both can be found on the site.  

GrandPrix22Author Commented:
Hi trivalent, and thanks for your answer!!
good to know the generic network adapter is normal.

about the host ip addressing - it has a normal ip it got from the DHCP server of the domain. mask  DNS servers are configured correctly, and of course - i have access to the internet. Please tell me if there's anything crucial i might have missed.
regarding the host ip addressing - at first i tried letting it get the ip from the dhcp, but the problem was it wasn't a part of the domain. when trying to add it to the domain - i realized i don't even have a connection (since it never found the domain name). that's where i thought it might have something to do with the network adapter configuration.
now, i tried giving it a static ip, using the domain scope, and the DNS configuration of the host, and it did stop showing me i have limited connection, but no internet yet.

GrandPrix22Author Commented:
worth to mention - i'm getting an APIPA ip address ( when enabling DHCP.
i'm guessing different MACs are also normal?

pinging the loopback driver ( from inside the host is ok, pinging anything else returns a "host not found" message.
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Ok, let's break this down.

Yes, the MAC address of the virtual network adapter will be different.  It's auto generated, you shouldn't have a problem there.

Just so we're clear, your new Windows 2003 VM does not need to be part of the domain in order for it to access the Internet.  You just need it for DNS.

Configure your adapter to use an available static IP address, and configure MS Virtual PC to use Bridged networking.  Then, see if you can get out to anything.  

Once you've done that and it doesn't work - give me the vitals:

Host IP, Mask, Gateway
Virtual Machine IP, Mask, Gateway

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GrandPrix22Author Commented:
you mean - configure the adapter on the host to use a static IP, or the adapter on the guest?
i failed to understand what you meant - how do i configure MS Virtual PC to use bridged networking?
Configure the adapter on the guest.

I don't know exactly where to set Bridged networking in 2007, but it's there.  
GrandPrix22Author Commented:
the solution made some good points, but i ended up with a virtual server dressed as a switch, thus paralizing my whole network.
i did take your advice and used VMWare, which proved to be much easier.
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