Simple win 2k8 driver question.

I was just wondering (since win 2k8 looks a lot like vista) if vista drivers would work on win 2k8

the reason i'm asking is because i have a wireless nic that does not have the win 2k8 drivers yet (probably cause its in RC1) but i was wondering if i could use the vista 64 drivers for it.

the model of the card is DWA-552  drivers page link

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dnudelmanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
That's always a very complex question. As you know, drivers from Windows XP are not the same for Windows Server 2003. Remember that the only difference from a PC to a Server is that a server come with firmed hardware and Microsoft does not give support to server software installed on non-server hardware.
Wireless cards will probably suffer from lack of drivers on Windows Server 2008, as a Server is meant to be connected fisicaly to the network.
But it odesn't mena that the 64bit driver for Vista will not be compatible.
With Windows Vista, there were several feature changes and additions that have created compatibility hiccups for certain hardware, software and services. Some of these changes  specifically the addition of more restrictive User Account Control (UAC) permissions, protected-mode default for Internet Explorer and new sleep/hibernate power-management  are less likely to wreak havoc on Longhorn Server apps than they did on Vista ones. As Microsoft notes in its client and server OS compatibility Cookbook, Windows Server 2008 does not, by default, install applications and accessories that are considered to be part of a users desktop experience.
A dearth of compatible drivers isnt likely to be the same sore spot for Windows Server 2008 as it has been for Vista, given that the server OS needs to support a smaller set of products than the consumer client OS.
As Hutson acknowledges, Vista took some of the driver pain for us. We use the same core device-driver model [Vista does]. We started earlier and learned lessons from [it].
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tlman12Author Commented:
I found that windows 2k8 will accept vista 32 drivers but he hardware will not work   >.<

o well. thanks for your help
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