Is it safe to install and run Exchagne 2007 32-bit test/trial version with Exchange 2003?

Exchange 2003 (on Windows 2003 domain) is our main production server. We want to install/setup Exchange 2007 (32-bit test version) for test purpose. We do not want our Exchange 2003 to be interrupted. Is it safe to install test Exchange 2007 on same domain that Exchange 2003 is running w/o interfacing each other? Is there anything I should be aware of during installation? We do not have an isolated test domain. Thanks.
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Never install anything on your production server apart from that which you are using!  Part of the reason why you have a PDS and a BDS on separate boxes is to enable the fail-over option so that you either have no or limited downtime if something should fail.  I'm assuming you only have one production server (as opposed to a cluster) so therefore would strongly suggest that you find another, less critical node /box on your network to play with the new software.
From what I understand you don't say anything about installing Exchange on a DC right? You just want to know if you can install it in your domain that already has 2003 Exchange? The answer is yes, per Microsoft, you can. There shouldn't be any issues you will need to watch out for, until you decide to upgrade or configure them to co-exist. Here is some info on that:

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mmassumiAuthor Commented:
I am not going to install the test Exchange 2007 on production server or D/C. It will be installed on a not-currently-in-use server but this server sits on the domain. Yes, I want to know if you can install it in our domain that already has Exchange 2003 and want to make sure information store on Exchange 2003 will not be affected after installing Exchange 2007 on same domain. Thank you for answering my question.
no, no, and NO!!!!  as Damien said, never do anything on your live environment. Not only is it not a good idea generally, 2 versions on exchange will not co-exist on the same server (on the same domain, yes, on different servers).

VMware or a pc pretending to be a server are the best "cheap" options for development environments. You really need a play server to test changes and patches before putting them into the live environment
lol. He is not putting it on the same server. You are right, he shouldn't do that. And he isn't......
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