Sharepoint List in Outlook does not remain in Citrix roaming profile

I have a client who is trying to add a Sharepoint 3.0 calendar to Outlook 2007.  They log into Outlook via an ICA connection.  They use Citrix roaming profiles.  The user profiles are stored on a separate (non citrix) file server.  My understanding of SharePoint lists in Outlook is that the deault location where Outlook saves the list is c:\Documents and Settings\[username]\Local settings\application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\Sharepoint Lists.pst.

Since my client is using roaming profiles the above location does not exsist when the user logs out, so when they log back in there is no Sharepoint Lists.pst, therefore the list is not available when they log back into Outlook.

Is there a way to change the default location where Outlook saves the Sharepoint Lists.pst  to point to the user's profile on the file server ?
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shawneemissionAuthor Commented:
The more I think about this issue, the more I think another question (maybe the real question) is not how to change the default path, but how to get the SharePoint List.pst to copy up to the file server when the pesron logs off.  Which makes this more a Citrix issue than an Outlook issue.  I do not know how to troubleshoot the profile copying back up to the files server.  Where do I start (besides Event Viewer)?

Any help with either approach to this issue would be greatly appreciated.  Thanx
Craig RoberdsMISCommented:
I have been thinking about this one, it seems like it should work the way you have it as citrix should save the .pst file in the roaming profile.  Are they accessing Outlook as a published app or do they get a full desktop?  If it is a published app and it is trying to somehow sinc with Sharepoint (I have never used sharepoint so I am not sure how it connects to Outlook) then I could see how there could perhaps be a problem.  If that is the case can you test from a full desktop and see if Sharepoint works correctly from that?

If not the only other thing I can think of is some sort of logoff script to copy and move the file, but if they are accessing citrix from the internet I don't think that will work either.

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shawneemissionAuthor Commented:
Thanx for the responce.

After troubleshooting further I have discovered that the issue is not with Sharepoint, Outlook, or Citrix.  The real problem is that the Local Settings folder in the local profile is not getting copied to the profile server at log off.  My next step is to find out why the Local settings folder is not getting copied.  My guess is there is a group policy preventing it from being copied.

I am going to have this ticket closed because the real problem is different than my question.  
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I had the same issue and have the resolution. But my users are using Outlook 2007. Here is what i did, My citrix servers are in a seperate OU in AD. So i used the Office 2007 intergreated tools and in there you can redirect pst files. So I redirected to \\server\profiles\%username%. I dont know of the same tools if you are using Outlook 2003. But you may want to research that avenue...Jimmy
Sorry i should have been a bit more detailed. The Office 2007 tools are group policy tools. I simply applied the group policy to the Citrix servers OU.
We use a GPO the changes the default location of Outlook PST files (in the local user's profile) to either a mapped drive (their home drive) or a UNC/DFS share.  You need to load the Office 2003/2007 ADM files into the Users Configuration, Administrative Templates portion of the GPO.  In the Outlook 2003, Miscellaneous, PST Settings enable and change the value for "Default location for PST files".  FOr Outlook 2007 try Outlook 2007, Miscellaneous, PST Settings enable and change the value for "Default location for PST and OST files".  

NOTE: that this could adversely affect users who do not have roaming profiles and/or users who do not have access to the location of the PST file when off-line.
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