Files from Sony Handycam uneditable and viewable only in VCL

I have a Sony HDD Handycam, installed the drivers.
Recorded some videos, they are in .MPG format and decided to edit them. I need to edit them with Adobe Premiere. While importing them to Premiere it says thats it's an unsupported file format and in the help file it says that MPG is supported. WMM also does not support these files. Also I noticed that only VCL player plays these files. While looking at VCL summary of the file it only says that its video codec is mpgv. I need to convert these files to a type which could be editable.

P.S. I don't need answers like, look at that site, read about it here, here is some info. I need exact answers, what software to use, what actions to do.
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I need the make and model number of this camera as there is a large range of these.
To better assist you imagine you walk into a shop with camera in hand and tell me your problem, imagine again without the camera and tell me the problem. :)

Do you mean  VLC player?
 2nd your using a HDD camera , I have not heard of an mpgV
what is that?
It's probably mpeg4 which is a QT fomat otherwise known as DVD.

Jammer1224Author Commented:
Sony HandyCam with HDD drive.Model  DCR-SR32
Yes sorry VLC :)
mpgV is the codec in which the video is encoded. This information is provided by VLC player while looking at the file summary.
Jammer1224Author Commented:
It's kind'a urgent, I need the answer until tuesday because thats when I have to show the edited videos.

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sorry I just volunteer here, never used your camera I have a JVC, if your question was broadened and not specifics exact guides I could look them up which I will anyway
you dont want links but your getting  them :)
 since I can't illistrate it here and I dont use Adobe, the reason they play in VLC is VLC is an open source ffdshow codec.
Maybe you don't have any DVD mpeg2/4 codecs on your system?
When you import the video  this format is mpegV is a raw format..use a software that can split it and convert to a suitable format for Adobe.

Adobe supports many formats so what and how your capturing I don't know.
Myabe youhave the tools already, Adobe has guides yoru Camera has guides too.
HDVSplit - utility for capturing HDV stream from your camcorder with scene splitting by timestamp. You can also split MPEG2 Transport Stream files captured earlier - new scenes are detected by date and time read from .m2t file.
 For preview you need MPEG2 decoder, if you don't have one, try free ffdshow

I use Ulead Video studio  and supports the formats from most HD cameras it includes the guides.

I tried to find your manual and readup about the comments just like any other service center agent would do we look it up.. Your model is not listed?

Okay that's the best I can do for you and it's the week end here in Australia. So there maybe a time frame as well..
I shall contact another expert to assist you.
All the best

Apparently this is a European model listed as DCF-SR32E.
You can download the manual here, which should be helpful.
Good find fredshovel, thanks for coming in.
Thanks for inviting me.
Cheers, could you advise us of your solution.
Thank you Jammer1224,  
you can accept your own question and is really the preferred  method,
accepting our anwers means your heart is in the right place but really doesnt help anyone looking for a similar  solution like your problem. That's the exchange part of Experts Exchange.

What you can do> unless fredshovel has any objections?

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Just write a brief explaination.
That's it you'll get your point back and others will benefit from your solution.
Good all round.

Appreciate your thoughts
Cheers Merete
Jammer1224Author Commented:
My solution is:
Use VideoDUB software with MPEG-2 encoder.
Thats the only program which could convert my videos.
good old virtual dub and virtual dub mod.
thanks again
Jammer1224Author Commented:
Since I have found out the way by my self, and i can't accept my self as a solution I divide the reward in to two parts. One for inviting, second one for trying to help. I hope you are both happy.
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