Importing M2TS files into Cyberlink PowerDirector 6

I've got some large M2TS video files that I'm importing into Cyberlink PowerDirector 6, after installing the PowerDirector patch.

Everything works fine, except it says it has to convert the M2TS files to MPEG2 format before it can use them. This can take hours, and it seems to have to redo it everytime I want to use the same M2TS file, and doesn't keep the MPEG2 file...

Is there some way that I can stop this?

I would prefer that it could use the M2TS files without converting them, but if they have to be converted, I'd like it to keep the MPEG2 versions so that they only have to be converted once.
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M2TS is not a standard video format for editing since it's really a DVD form VOB or raw video..  high definition too and is not supported in PPG so you may have to pay for this privilage. How large is large

Often times you need several tools if you wish to stick with one format all the time.
Either convert it to mpeg2 or use these tools
I have  Power producer Gold /  Ulead video/ power DVD Ultra/ and numersous other software  they came with different hardware i bought like my video card JVC camera etc...and having used so many other free tools I found power producer rather hard to use.
here ya go how about a guide provided by another sufferer
To edit the M2TS files you need the following software applications:
PowerDVD Ultra

Lots of guides here includes the best advise form the best video experts on the net in my opinion. Super is a great tool for converting most video formats fast too..
Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
I believe you've probably got the solutions you need here, and also listening for the results.  My brother also has Cyberlink PowerDirector6 and has had ongoing issues with Cyberlink in terms of converting from various video formats (.TOD to anything, maintaining the highdef environs) .... so just tuning in to here the results.  What I find most disconcerting, is the Cyberlink detail on what file types which product supports.  Example, PowerDirector "should" support .tod conversions, whereas PowerDirector Express does not..... yet looking at many of the support links and reviews, just don't see that supported.  typical example here:

Sure don't get it, perhaps your issue aligns to ours, perhaps not.....  just in case listening.

":0) Asta
Yes I agree, have seen a few asking about the >tod conversion in Power Producer, it's really not all it's made out to be, luckily for me it was a bundle as I would never have bought it,
I put a lot more faith in the free tools designed by dis-gruntled programmers who have experienced first hand the lack of good tools for editing HD video
 the new technology with video cameras on the market just dont seem to provide good tools with their software.

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JimR123bAuthor Commented:
I don't mind having to do the conversion, as it can convert many at once, and I can just leave it do it's business overnight.

What is annoying is that it only seems to save the MPeg2 files if they are included in a project, and the project is saved.

I guess I could try saving one big master project with all of them in...

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Asta CuTechnical consultant & graphic designCommented:
I couldn't agree  more with Merete's comment!  My ongoing issue with conversions, is the impact to quality each time any conversions take place which have compression algorithms applied and the other ongoing fiascos of 30 vs. 29.97 fps and so on.  It's bizarre in  my humble mind that people (programmers/manufacturers in this multimedia realm) just can't (or won't) agree on standards so that the 'fights' over who's is better and so on don't impact us so significantly and ongoingly.  

I guess when you (JimR123b) say you'll try saving one big master project with all items, you're bracing yourself! My brother is very much into Cyberlink to do his conversions as well, so very interested in the outcome here.  I just remain baffled about mpeg2 vs. mpeg4 on the conversion process of hi def videos, and the blueRay vs. other hidef standards that will ultimately roll out and potentially mess with your results.  If I were in your shoes, I'd be sure to backup/save all my original footage I treasure, to minimize loss/disappointment.

Hopefully you've got lots of HD space and available resources to get you though this process.  Thanks for sharing, very interesting.

Thank you Asta,
in my humble opinion mpeg2 is the definitive format, the sales push geared for the norm on the basis that most computer users/ cam corder users will only have only a basic need to capture and record,  the main one being to upload to PC and stick onto DVD or youtube. Not really geared for promotional work web publishing etc.
DVD> mpeg2 is of course the compliant video format.
With so many cameras available on the market ( what headache for the novice to choose from too) most find them just to complex and expensive so go for the simplest.
The common market ground too.
So in the end it's all about supply and demand and that is across the board with regards to consumers.
People think NEW has everything and find out later to their dismay it doesn't and most often have to buy more, add more to get the results they want
and the marketing hook won.

This a great read History of MPEG2
JimR123b,  do you still require assistance? Your question is still open.
Hi Merete,

I've not yet read a solution here, but only a workaround which I found for myself.

I've left the question open in case somebody has anything more to add that answers my original question. That is, I am still looking for a way to use M2TS directly, or a way to automatically keep the converted MPEG2 files. This should all be using PowerDirector 6, as this is what I have already paid for, and prefer not to pay out more.

Perhaps there's some free but rock-solid reliable software out there for [automatically] converting M2TS to MPEG2? Perhaps software that I can move M2TS files into, and they get automatically detected and converted, perhaps at a scheduled time of day?
Sorry I'm all out of ideas with a schedual, I can appreciate that PowerDirector6 requires mpeg2 as the output container, so what if you can save it as project?

only work around I can see is convert M2TS files  to mpeg2 or mepg1  first using Super, it's pretty fast
Then when you work with them in PowerDirector6  they keep this file format
download link at the bottom.

You can also drop many video files in a que to convert I have done up to 10 .mod and just left it.
Are these on a DVD?

Here's a snap of my current up to date version

I've just tried Super, and it doesn't seem to be able to import M2TS files. Do I need to install a plug-in or something first? It's just not one of the filename extensions that it recognizes...
That's odd since it can convert to them?
It should support them I would have thought.
So when you drop an M2TS file on it throws an error?
Please what happens.
No need to import.
Let's try going thru the steps I can't test this since I don't have any M2TS.

Open Super then in the top left Panel put it to Mpeg2 or mpeg1
R/click anywhere and check the save to directory or you might lose them :)
Set the video scale you wish to use or leave setings as is.
same with Audio
Open the folder to your M2TS, are these on your HDD?
May not work if on a dvd.Or off the system.
And simply drag n drop one onto it, hit encode.
There is a bar states encoding will be fully black when done and then a new message appears drop a valid file.
Ok your turn please come back and let us know how it went.
 Really interested as I can't test  this it will be the first file that Super cannot do and so I won't offer in cases like this.
I always test my programs prior to offering but don't have any M2TS.

Here is another work around free too
How to edit AVCHD M2TS files from Sony HDR-SR1 camcorders
Dropping any file onto the Super window doesn't seem to do anything, no matter where I drop it, it seems.

This maybe because I'm having to run at 1280x720 desktop resolution, which Super complains about on startup. The less-than-preferred resolution doesn't seem to have a negative impact on the working of the software though, as it still fits on my screen.

If I do "Add Multimedia File(s)" from the right-click menu, I can add files, but not M2TS files. I can add MPeg and WMV files though, so it seems that M2TS isn't supported.

I can't figure out why you say it can convert to M2TS, as I can't see it on the output options. The closest I can see is .M2T and .TS, but no .M2TS. Have I missed something?
HiJimR123 looks like you have made a very good point,
Super it seems does not support M2TS, in the brackets it stated (TS/M2t/to .vob) looked like it did.
Other than that it is a very tool.
Thankyou for trying I'll keep this information and not offer Super then when members ask for a tool for >M2TS.
There are very few freeware conversion applications that are easy to use and support AVCHD. AVCHD since it's new, and open source support (that usually freeware apps use), is also rare.
How you capture is the key>

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