GFI FAXmaker 12 for Exchange - Bounce backs on new PCs

Hi First timer here. Let me know if I need to provide more information.

I just started at a Bank a few months ago. There current PCs are about 5 years old and I am in the process of switching them out. I am installing new Dell Optiflex 755 ultra small form factor PCs. Everything works fine except that on the new PCs, Faxmaker won't work anymore. I don't get any errors other then a generic Undeliverable Message through Outlook when the message finally times out. The outlook message is as follows:

The following recipient(s) could not be reached: on 2/1/2008 10:08 AM
            A configuration error in the e-mail system caused the message to bounce between two servers or to be forwarded between two recipients.  Contact your administrator.
            < #5.3.5>

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have to stop installing the new PCs because of this. All the old PCs can send faxes just fine, it's just the new PCs that are giving me fits. The old PCs are model HP/Compaq EVO D310.

Oh yea and last but not least all of this is running on Windows XP SP2 connected to a domain on Windows Server 2003 with Exchange 2003 as my mail server and using Outlook 2003 as my mail client.
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Have you contacted GFI? This issue seems very difficult to troubleshoot - from what I have read...

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LSUMARKBAuthor Commented:
No I figured I would go straight to the Experts here. I have had great success here so....I will try emailing them but will continue to monitor this unless I get an answer from them in which case I will award you the points.
LSUMARKBAuthor Commented:
Alright. GFI won't help out without a service contract and my predecessor didn't keep it up so in order to get the service contract, I have to purchase a whole new version and my company is saying no way jose. So any help would be much appreciated. I think this has to do more with exchange then anything else.
LSUMARKBAuthor Commented:
It ended being a bad ip address. I thought I had changed it but apparently I hadn't.
Thanks - even though you found the solution out for yourself.
Hope all is well again.
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