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Getting a Boolean Value from a Frontier::RPC2 xml call

Using Perl code for a client to an xml-rpc client
- I am using Frontier::RPC2 to help with this client

The server returns a boolean value called "Successful" which is supposed to return true/false.

When I print out the value it looks like: Successful => Frontier::RPC2::Boolean=SCALAR

If I try to use ->value() to get the value of that boolean to see if the call succeeded or not, perl complains that "can't call method "value" on an undefined value".

I have searched hi and low on the internet and cannot find a solution to this problem.
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1 Solution
That is telling you that it is a blessed reference to a scalar.  The documentation states you can use the ->value() method, like you tried.  Maybe the case is wrong in the documentation... have you tried ->Value()?

Or you could just get the value like:
if $bool is the boolean value: ${$bool}
torrid333Author Commented:
have not been able to try Adam's solution to see if it works... have to wait until I get the error again to then try it out...
torrid333Author Commented:
Don't know if it works but will award points anyway since no one else responded.

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