Is it possible for a java applet to run a traceroute from your local machine to a remote host?

I'm looking to create a product that does some network and connectivity diagnosis from inside the browser. First of all, does anyone know of something like this (doesn't necessarily have to be a java applet, but does have to sit in the browser)? Second, how much access does a java applet (or the other technologies) give you to the network layer in order to get information on network and connectivity issues to particular locations?

Some of the things I would like to get from this diagnosis:
- response time to a given host
- traceroutes
- throughput
- dns lookup time
- latency

Thank you in advance!
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I don't think that Java Applet is the best choice for this kind of application ,
first of all ... is it mandatory for ur application to be web-based application ???
if not ,, pure java will do what u want with ease.
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