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creating interface form


I have created 3 tables, and the relative forms to add, edit, and view the data, I need to create a single interface, from which to open the 9 forms.
How can I achieve this?

Thank you.
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Jim HornMicrosoft SQL Server Developer, Architect, and AuthorCommented:
No idea about OpenOffice, but Access has a 'Switchboard Wizard' where you can make a custom switchboard / main menu / whatever you want to call it, with nine buttons that will take you to your nine forms.  

The table 'Switchboard Items' will contain whatever selections you want on your 'Switchboard'.  In your case it will be nine records, with their respective form names you want them to open, and perhaps a tenth button for Close.

You could run this and use it as a model within OpenOffice.

kenesoAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I'll look into it.
OOo Base will not read and/or use a form created in Access.

Let me repeat what I believe you desire:

1. You have a Base document
2. The Base document contains nine forms.

You want something that allows you to choose the form, and then open the form.

Download this document:


Look at Listing 9 in section 2.4. A macro (that I wrote) opens a Base document, and then lets you choose a form to open contained in the Base document.
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kenesoAuthor Commented:
Thank you pitonyak, sorry for the delay.

I looked at the document, but being a total noob at this, I would need some guidance on how to use those macros.
I also added another macro

Sub onClickOpenForm ( oEvent as variant )
   OpenForm(oEvent, "Form Name")
End sub

Sub OpenForm( oEvent as variant, aFormName as string) as variant
  Dim args(1) As New com.sun.star.beans.PropertyValue
  Dim container as variant
  Dim oCon

  oCon =  oEvent.Source.Model.Parent.ActiveConnection
  container = oCon.Parent.DatabaseDocument.FormDocuments

  args(0).Name = "ActiveConnection"
  args(0).Value = oCon
  args(1).Name = "OpenMode"
  args(1).Value = "open"
End Sub

This demonstrates how to directly open a form given its name. I added this to AndrewBase.odt as well.

From where and how do you desire to run your script?

kenesoAuthor Commented:

I'd like to do it from the Base document, as the opening window/interface.
kenesoAuthor Commented:
Thank you all, and sorry for the delay.

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