sum calculations in a portal

i am trying to gather data in a portal from a table where i have information stored

for example each individual record is stored under a name and apply to year and amount

there may be several records for the same individual for 2007 for example

(name) 2006 (received date) 75.00
(name) 2006 (received date) 75.00
(name) 2007 (received date) 75.00
(name) 2006 (received date) 125.00

what i want to do is on one line in the portal have the data

(name) 2007 (all funds received)

the way i have it set up now in the calculations

sum( TABLE::amount received) inserting that into a second table on the reports layout which i inserted into the portal

but it returns all the income regardless of the year

any suggestions

on a report table i have the year i want to query (data is stored under apply to year - which is a number)
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Use a summary calculation and put it in the portal row that you want summarized. It will only summarize the related entries to that portal row.
By the way you need to add a summary field to the table which is shown in the portal when you do the summary calculation. If you need more details let me know
gevensenAuthor Commented:
im having a little trouble figuring out how to do it by year
i have several years in the records
2006, 2007 2008

and im trying to run a report for 30 dues payers that shows there

(name) (dues due) (dues paid for a calendar year) in a portal

i have the portal working the problem im having is getting it to show the dues paid for a specific calendar year in the portal

i can receive up to 12 payments a year per person and i need the separate check info and details so the table im drawing it from does not summarize it by year only lists payments and payments spanning several years

the summary calculation adds up the totals of 2006-2007-2008

is there a way to tell it only to add the monies received for a specific year for each specific member

ive tried doing a number calculation that doesnt add up the years that are not to be applied but havent had any success, it always lists the totals of the 3 years
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Create a table  to filter the data:

Add the fields

2006y = "2006"
2007y = "2007"
2008y = "2008"

Then create a relationship to your existing table for each one on the years, then add a summary field to the original table and show the result through this relationship . That should do what you want. Next step is to look at your database and have me edit it to show you the concept. You can supply the actual or an example and I would be happy to give you ideas.
gevensenAuthor Commented:
here the file and thanks for the help

theres just a couple of entries but should be enough to do that

your looking for the tab ministers dues report

if you get locked out go to the master ministers file and click unlock
gevensenAuthor Commented:
actually i added new records to the table like you said and simply copy the data into the column for the appropriate year

is there a way in the report im making to specify the field i want to use in the column of the portal without having to write a new report for every year?
for reports, you don't need all these tricks, just use a sub-summary based on the year in the funds layout, sort per year, print, done. your fund summary field will be broken down by year at print/preview time

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