Sendmail problem of "unknown mailer error"

Setting up a second system to be an exact copy of an existing one. Both are older Sun Sparc systems running 5.6. Sendmail on the original works fine. However, on new system I get

Feb  1 11:13:14 maryjane sendmail[12171]: LAA12171: from=<>, size=2751, class=0, pri=32751, nrcpts=1, msgid=<14413511.1201882613312.JavaMail.SYSTEM@megacpe2k4>, proto=ESMTP, []
Feb  1 11:13:14 maryjane sendmail[12172]: LAA12171: to=|/usr/local/armaild/scripts/, delay=00:00:00, xdelay=00:00:00, mailer=prog, stat=unknown mailer error 1 has following in header for version ID

#####  @(#)cfhead.m4    8.23 (Berkeley) 10/6/1998  #####
#####  @(#)cf.m4        8.29 (Berkeley) 5/19/1998  #####
#####  @(#)  8.8 (Berkeley) 5/19/1998  #####
#####  @(#)solaris2.m4  8.16 (Berkeley) 10/6/1998  #####

Have not found any differences (protections, etc) so far between system, but still looking.

Any ideas appreciated.

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you're trying to pipe the output to the "to" address?  Is this going to a .forward file that's forwarding to the script?  Check the script.  It may be set as non-executable.

rcyoungAuthor Commented:
No  luck there I fear

-rwxr-xr-x   1 root     other       7084 Oct  1  2003
Try running the script manually, and check the output.  There could be a problem with the perl installation or such.

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rcyoungAuthor Commented:
Good thought. I also found what may be a glitch in another program that "preps" a file used by this script....may be related to the prob
"mailer=prog, stat=unknown mailer error 1"

This suggests that the sendmail configuration does not include the "prog" mailer.

This mailer is provided by the MAILER(local) statement in

Important: NEVER hack Edit and rebuild

Solaris v2.6 is ancient and Sun did a lousy job of keeping sendmail updated. Hopefully these hosts are not reachable from the Internet.
What was the final solution to this?  You've asked to have the points assigned back to your account, though you never asked anything beyond your comment above:
"Good thought. I also found what may be a glitch in another program that "preps" a file used by this script....may be related to the prob"

Did you find that it was not related to the script or perl as I suggested?  Did manually running it not yield some clues?

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