Signature doesnt show

When the composing a new email in HTML, the signature doesnt show in the body. Why is that?
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war1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Hello Bwamjr,

Check to make sure signature is enabled and set as default.

Did you create the signature using Word as editor? Then you need to enable Word as editor in Format tab of Options menu.

If you did not create the signature using Word, then you need to disable Word as editor in Format tab.

Hope this helps!
Recreate a new signature all together.
BwamjrAuthor Commented:
The original signature was created using Rich Text format. Once the email format was changed to HTML the signature would not show up when composing a new email. A new signature had to be created in HTML so that it would be acceptable for composing emails.
Bwamjr, glad the problem is fixed.
BwamjrAuthor Commented:
Ty very much. It helped to clarify what was going on. Greatly appreciated!
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