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Adding Cisco 3750's together using Stack Function

I would like to add two 3750G-12 together using the stack option. One is currently in production as our core router. I understood documentation to read that the 2nd switch would need to be powered off. Does this mean that I can keep my core router up and running during the add? Both are same model and IOS. Are there any other considerations I need to be aware of?

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1 Solution
you should have the 2nd switch powered off when you are connecting the two stack cables, then plug your console into the new switch and power it up, you will see it booting and about halfway through the load you will see the text "waiting for stack master election", The switch should just become member 2 in the stack, once it's booted use the show switch to verify the status of the cluster.

It's pretty easy, more of a pain if models are drastically different and different IOS but as you mentioned they are the same model & IOS it will be easy.

Even if there are problems with the switch you are adding it is very rare that this will cause problems with the 1st switch, just remember if you need to reload one switch in the stack to unplug it's power lead as the reload command does them ALL!!!

Good luck
MopepAuthor Commented:
Great. Thank you. I want to make sure my core becomes master. On the Stack Member number, I can choice 1-9. Is it 1 or 9 that will gurantee the switch to become master..
1-9 is the number of switches you can have in the stack. The priority levels are 1 - 15 with 15 being the highest and it will become master, however only on bootup the master is chosen. As your existing switch was on it's own it will be the master anyway when you add the 2nd switch. To code it to always be the master (in the event of a switch reload for whatever reason), once the new switch is in enter the command "switch 1 priority 15" , you can verify the priority settings using the show switch command.

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