OS partition - is it necessary!

Just started at a client site where they have SBS2k3, setup with just one partition for OS and data.  While it is not a typical setup, is there any reason to sweat changing it for the sake of changing it?
Please let me know your views on the up and down sides of leaving this be.
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TG TranIT guyCommented:
While partitioning one drive into several partitions is depending on your personal taste, there are several positive points:
1.  Disaster recovery - by placing OS and Data on separate partitions, you can easily restore OS without worrying about Data.  It is also quicker to restore a 20GB OS partition than waiting for 300GB drive to restore.  Your backup scheme can be more granular.
2.  Performance - If the OS is the first partition sitting on the outer edge of the disk, it is a tiny bit faster.
3.  Maintenance - Easy to manage small drive in term of clean up and defrag
4.  Waste - With small partition you can use smaller cluster size

Here is a link that you can read for more explainations:

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Erik BjersPrincipal Systems AdministratorCommented:
However if the server is alredy setup with only one partition it is not worth the effort to create the second partition and move the data.

Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
By using a partitioning scheme, the partitions act as "hard" quotas.  Meaning that no one service (when the system is properly configured) can bring down the whole system (had that happen to a new client of mine... they should have been backing up exchange... but they weren't... so it filled the C: drive with log files and then shut down exchange - and the server.

I would recommend NOT trying to repartition it now... instead, especially if the system is a couple of years old, get a couple of new drives and add them in a mirror.  Then partition them and move all data onto the new drives, leaving the OS and some more static information where it is.
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"s there any reason to sweat changing it for the sake of changing it?"

NO, as long as it is working fine, leave it as is.  There is no reason to change it, unless you want problems.
jennynoverAuthor Commented:
jennynoverAuthor Commented:
thanks all - you all deserve points but didn't want to split the baby too many ways.  so first 2 have it :)
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
I've always considered the points a "thank you" for spending the time to answer my question AND providing me information that helps ...  so I guess I was of no help to you?  It's only fair that if someone helped you, you award them points... Please consider that in the future.
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