Sharepoint PeopleEditor control problem...

Hi All -
I'm using C#.

I have a people editor control on my form. There are two buttons that go with the control, A check name button and a browse button. I'm trying to access the check name button Programmatically but i'm not exactly sure how.
The line below works with a standard button:
btnAdd_Click(btnAdd, new System.EventArgs());

Any suggestions?
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I don't completely understand what you are trying to do, but, i think this may help: CheckButton.PerformClick(), if it doesn't, please tell me a little more of what you want to accomplish.
JordanBlacklerAuthor Commented:
Instead of manually clicking the "check name" button i want to be able to write code that will act as if someone was actually clicking the "check name" button.

Does that make any sense?

On Page_Load I populate the people editor textbox with a name, then i want to be able check to see if it is a valid name (using the check name button)
Have you tried the CheckNameButton.PerformClick()? It should work in that case.
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JordanBlacklerAuthor Commented:
Oh alright..
What would come before CheckNameButton.PerformClick();
The name of my people editor is:
The PerformClick() makes the button click, so, if you are handling the event of the button to check the name in the textbox, just fill the textbox before doing the performclick and it should work.
JordanBlacklerAuthor Commented:
This is how i populate it:
strFinancialContactRO = "Smith, Joe";
PickerEntity entity = new PickerEntity();
entity.Key = strFinancialContactRO;
System.Collections.ArrayList entityArrayList = new System.Collections.ArrayList();

Then i guess i would would use PeformClick()

But i'm not sure how to do that, could you use some code in an example?
I don't have the possibility to test it right now, but if I'm not wrong, by accessing the peopleeditor.Controls you can get the button Control, and then, perform the click. Try debugging the project, setting a breakpoint in some part of your code where you acces the peopleditor and check the Controls property to see if there is a Button control inside of it. Hope it helped...

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