a way to check what messages were blocked by IMF on Exchnage 2003

Dear Experts.

We have MS Exchange 2003 SP2. Due to numerous complaints about Spam i changed the IMF settings to the following:
Block messages with SCL rating greater then or equal to = 6
Move messages with SCL rating greater than or equal to = 5
I`ve also selected "Archive" when blocking messages.

We use 1st mailer to send out mass e-mails (company`s news) to external e-mail addresses and a few internal addresses. It`s installed on Windows 2000 box

One of the users who is responsible to send out the new mail, stated that internal users that was supposed to receive the e-mail, didn't receive it. She is trying to verify now, whether the external users received the e-mail or not.

I'm not sure that IMF blocked that messages, but IMF changes were the only once implemented this week and mailing didn't fail in 3 years....

Is there a way to check what incoming and outgoing  were blocked and where axactly do I look for it on Exchange 2003 ?
How to prevent a message from certain e-mail address form being blocked ? For outgoing e-mails and incoming e-mails.

I`d hate to revert the IMF settings back to where they were, but If it is blocking specific outgoing and noming e-mail messages, then I may need to reduce the IMF settings at least temporarily.
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JimboEfxConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I think this is the best that can be done

This program gives you some additional visibility. I know people that have found it useful...

technomicAuthor Commented:
At this time, I really wouldn't want to install anything additional on our Exchange server. Is there a way to find what messages (incoming and outgoing) were blocked ? Where can i check for it?
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All this program does is read the imf directories on your exchange server - ive seen not adverse effects.

or you can increase logging

technomicAuthor Commented:
I was able to find what messages were blocked by IMF.
Exchange > Tools>Message Tracking Center then I did a search by sender name and voila, as expected the message was distributed to external users with external e-mail addresses.
However messages that were addressed to an internal users were all blocked by Exchange IMF
Is there a way to setup IMF that it doesn't block e-mail messages from specific sender ?
technomicAuthor Commented:

It`s a very good article. I should be able to try it out on Monday and will update here the results. Thank you.
technomicAuthor Commented:
Added the server IP address to Message Delivery > Properties > Connection Filtering > Accept  and it fixed the problem. Thank you for your help.
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