email error

getting this errror
my code is also below

Compilation Error
Description: An error occurred during the compilation of a resource required to service this request. Please review the following specific error details and modify your source code appropriately.

Compiler Error Message: BC30561: 'Mail' is ambiguous, imported from the namespaces or types 'System.Web, System.Net'.

Source Error:


Line 39:             SqlDataSource1.Update()
Line 40:            
Line 41:             Dim objMailMessage As Mail.MailMessage
Line 42:             Dim strHTMLBody As String
Line 43:

Source File: D:\Inetpub\wwwroot\JMI\JMI\clients\crownroyal\storeconfirmation.aspx    Line: 41

 strHTMLBody = "<html><head>" & _
         "<title>Thank You!</title>" & _
         "</head><body>" & _
            "<a href=>click here to access secure site</a>" & _

            ' Create the Mail Message
            objMailMessage = New MailMessage

            objMailMessage.From = ""
            objMailMessage.To = ""
            objMailMessage.Bcc = ""
            objMailMessage.Subject = "New store order with Id: " + Session("payment")
            objMailMessage.Body = strHTMLBody
            objMailMessage.BodyFormat = MailFormat.Html
            objMailMessage.Fields.Add("", "1") 'basic authentication
            objMailMessage.Fields.Add("", "smtp") 'set your username here
            objMailMessage.Fields.Add("", "smtpuser") 'set your password here

            ' Send the Mail Message

            SmtpMail.SmtpServer = ""

i am using these namespaces

<%@ Import Namespace="System.Net" %>

<%@ Import Namespace="System.Web.Mail" %>

<%@ Import Namespace="System.Data" %>
<%@ Import Namespace="System.Text" %>

<%@ Import Namespace="System.Data.SqlClient" %>

<%@ Import Namespace="System.IO" %>
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You shouldn't need the System.Web.Mail namespace; that was deprecated in .NET 2.0 in favor of the System.Net.Mail namespace.  Take out that Imports statement and see if it works then.

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