.NET: what to use for invoking a remote web service continuously

If batch data transfer is done thru invoking a remote web service continuously, what is the best thing to use for invoking that web service: webform, winform, or windows servce? Please direct to tutorials/samples for implementation. Thanks.
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Alexandre SimõesManager / Technology SpecialistCommented:
What do you mean by "continuously"?
I think he means repetitiously (to try running the batch process) ... am I correct?

As for "which is best" I would think that you should actually look at moving the "batch process" into some other mechanism ... preferably one that could subscribe to changes so it knows when it should be run ... generally such processes are run in various ways as services (scheduled tasks etc).

In general the calling of the webservice will be identical between the 3 so I see no reason why you couldn't choose any of them. Which is ideal is probably more dependent upon other requirements (especially if they are user facing)... are they user facing? what would the user want to do with them?
ksfokAuthor Commented:
Continuously means something running with a timer or scheduled service. I am thinking about using VS2005 to develop a C# .NET windows service or console app. I am mostly interested on knowing how to deploy that app from my dev box to a remote box over the web or a network. Please recommend quick tutorials for getting started. Thanks.
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ksfokAuthor Commented:
There is practically no user intervention. The transfer process is run whenever new data is found. As I am an ASP programmer, I need detailed help on how to develop and (especially) deploy a winform or win service from my dev box to a remote server across the enterprise network or the internet. Please help. Thanks.
this should definately be a windows service ... as for how to deploy it:



Alexandre SimõesManager / Technology SpecialistCommented:
Be careful with the installation of the Windows Service on Vista.
UAC may block its execution.

As a simple method for installation you can simply use a Zip self extract file that when executed runs a batch file that's inside the package.
The batch only have to copy the files to a predefined location and run:

InstallUtil.exe "c:\myservice\servicename.exe"

This line will register the service. If it doesn't start automatically you can start it manually on restarting the computer.
You can simply notify the users that after install they have to restart the computer.

If you don't want to users to restart their machines user the following line to start the service:

net start servicename

call it anyway, if the service is already started it does nothing.


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