Multi thread network Ping with username wanted in visual basic 2005 or 2008

From an array of 300 computer names ping them to see which are on.
If on set variables  PCname = PCname, Ontime=now ,get username()
(Username is retreived with pstools.exe)
Then update database with the results. (if PC off dont bother update).
I can do all above sequentially which takes around 3-4 minutes. But I need this to be much faster. Under 30 seconds. So can I use multithread? Perhaps backgroundworker ? Which I know nothing about.
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harveygsConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
To add more info .
The Polling PC is XP pro.
The database is on windows 2003 with MS SQL 2005.
I am the administrator with full permissions.
This is a windows application not
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