Program locks up within Citrix - Please help...

We are running Citrix Presentation Server on its own dedicated machine.  It has plenty of RAM and its a fairly quick machine with a couple XEON processors.
Problem is when users connect remotely they can run all apps fine, but when they try to run ACT 2007 Premium it works for many but some users, both of which have brand new laptops and a fast connection it locks up on, completly freezes.
The users on the LAN never have a issue with ACT freezing up.  Is there a setting within Citrix that may prevent this from happening?
I have legacy audio turned off and color depth is at 16bit with the application set to maximize upon launch.

Any help would be apprecaited.

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orlandotommyConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Just a update, i installed all the latest hotfixes, patches from Citrix on the server and that seemed to fix it, today was the first day he stayed connected all day with no problems!
Bird DogCommented:
does it work for those two users when they are onsite?
Craig RoberdsMISCommented:
Are you just publishing Act or a full desktop?  If you are publishing Act and it is trying to sinc up with Outlook that could be causing the problem.  I have seen that before.  
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orlandotommyAuthor Commented:
How do i tell the difference, its a published app, but how do you differentiate between full desktop and published app?
orlandotommyAuthor Commented:
in response to the first response, yes it works for both users in house fine..
Craig RoberdsMISCommented:
In order to have a full desktop you would have to publish the desktop.  In order for Act to "see" outlook running (assuming you have them linking together) you most likely would have to publish a full desktop.  If you are not having Act and Outlook linking then perhaps when these users were set up the option to link with Outlook was chosen, where the others users it was not, thus the reason these users have the issue.

If Outlook is running on the local PC, perhaps you can redirect Act to use the local PC Outlook, but I have not done this so I would have to look up the steps.
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