access Serial port in at server side?

WEll.. I have a web site.. and I want to know two things
how to make system as web server ( where i would deploy my web site)
2nd IMPORTAnt:

how can i access SERial port at server side.. like we can access on windows application. what kind of sercurity setting i need to setup. please can any one guide . vs 2005 / 2.0
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Ted BouskillSenior Software DeveloperCommented:
For one if you want to run IIS successfully your host computer needs to run a server version of Windows.  Either the 'Web Edition' or Windows Server 2003

In order to protect your server from hackers IIS runs in sandbox mode.  Basically all functionality on the website cannot access the server itself.

So in order to do this you will be exposing your computer to potential harm on the internet.  The harder you try to protect your server the more difficult this will be.

When IIS is installed on the server it runs under a special account that has guest priviledges.  The trick will be finding out how to give the guest account permissions to access the serial port.

The following link discusses the IIS accounts:

This URL has a product that can likely do what you need written for ASP:
xPert_UmerAuthor Commented:
thanks for the post.. but can you plz give me piece of code which shows how to setup us user account , i mean what sort of changes i need to make in web.config ?
Ted BouskillSenior Software DeveloperCommented:
There isn't a 'piece of code' for managing this and can't be done with the web.config.  It's actually very difficult to do because as I said to protect your computer from hackers Microsoft blocks web applications from direct access to the system.

I gave you a link that explained the IIS accounts.  You will have to do further research to figure out how to allow those accounts to access the serial port.

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