CD Password protection like U3 but for CD's.

I would like to password protect my CD's so that when it gets inserted it prompts for a password and if it is not entered correctly it will not allow access to the data.  I know truecrypt has the ability to do this for flash drives.  I just do not know if it is possible on a CD which is not rewritable.  Of course...I automatically think it should not have to since it is just querying for the password.

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I use truecrypt and I'd definately would say to use it! Its very well made software. Anyway I was pretty sure that it could be used on a cd. But I wasnt sure if it needed caching on the medium, but apparently...:

Q: Is it possible to mount a TrueCrypt container that is stored on a CD or DVD?

A: Yes, it is. However, if you need to mount a TrueCrypt volume that is stored on a read-only medium (such as a CD or DVD) under Windows 2000, the file system of the TrueCrypt volume must be FAT (Windows 2000 cannot mount NTFS file system on read-only media).

Taken from their website!
kaparaAuthor Commented:
Do you know how to do it?  Would it be self contained meaning would truecrypt be on the cd and would it launch upon putting the cd in or do they need to install truecrypt locally first?  Any how to's?
Let me say this before I begin, if your just looking for using this for cds, itd be better off using WinRar. if you havnt heard of this, its a ZIP utility but in a different format, and it is better overall (in lots of ways, but my opinion none the less) and you can just give the archive a password. So you can zip your files all into one file, and enable a password, then burn it. However you will need the program whenever you want to read the files off it.

If you want to go the truecrypt approach...

I'll say it from start to scratch.

Install truecrypt, then open it and you'll have to create a new volume. This will be where all your files go that you want to go on the encrypted cd.

It will walk you through for creating this encrypted volume (which is like an encrypted zip). Then you mount the volume (if it doesnt already do that for you). This mounts it to a new drive letter (like f: drive, whichever unused letter comes first). And you can drop all your files in the new mounted (virtual) harddrive. When done you unmount the drive (using the truecrypt screen, its really quite simple of a layout to use).

now you have the truecrypt file. You just burn that file, and you can pop in the cd at another place with truecrypt. It wont automatically ask for a password however. You have to open truecrypt, then select the file, then enter the password.

If you need more info on truecrypt they have a help file that comes with it that describes everything quite well. Truecrypt is definately 'more than enough' for most people :)

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kaparaAuthor Commented:
What aboout traveller mode?  Like with USB Keys where Truecrypt does not need to be installed on the system?
Im not familiar with usb keys and traveler mode.

Anyway, from what I know with cds, it IS doable (not in the same way I think), but truecrypt I dont think has that functionality. Basically when the cd is inserted it would need to autorun an executable (like most cds do) and install something. However I'm guessing that maybe truecrypt isnt the best of ways if you want something *really* quick and painfree to open files with.
Sounds like your looking similar to this:

CD Lock

This might be worth a look too

CD Crypt

However both are not free.
Hope this helps, Good night
kaparaAuthor Commented:
Brilliant!!!!!!  Got it to work.  Insert the disk into a PC.  Up pops a window asking you to enter a password and it mounts the volume as a removable disk on a free drive letter and auto opens the directory!!!  Had to modify the autorun.inf and make sure that the file used for the truecrypt file had no backslashes in front of it since it was in the root of the directory.
Haha, nice :D

and darn! I should have just consulted the help file!

"Traveller Mode

TrueCrypt can run in so-called 'traveller' mode, which means that it does not have to be installed on the operating system under which it is run."

My bad, I'll remember that for next time I try to help someone lol
kaparaAuthor Commented:
Its all good.  It works just like a U3 drive.  Very nice.  I can now send customers sensitive information on CD's and don't have to explain about how to zip....etc  The only issue I see is making sure the container is not too big.  Need to make a little room for the Truecrypt application which is stored on the CD.
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