Attachments on a form

I created a form.  This form asks that the user attach a file.
When this form is run, there is no "paperclip" to attach a file
Upon research I found a prior suggestion here to add a message block to the form to get the "paperclip". This I did and made the message block very tiny-invisble.
I can now attach
The problem....
The file is attached, but on the hidden form. Any way to see the "box" on the form so i can see the file(s) that are attached?
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caimisConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The only place you can attach a file or email is in the message box.  Depending on the persons email settings it will either appear as an icon in the message box or it will appear above the message box as it does in emails.  You need to use the message box as part of your form.

Also depending on the individual settings, you may have to use revise contents which I believe in 2003 is in the edit menu before you can do anything in the message box.  In 2007 it is under other actions.  In 2007 you don't get the menus until you revise contents.
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