backup smtp server

I am trying to setup a backup smtp server.

I have one exchange server running with

I have just contacted my web host provider, who I wanted the emails to go to if the exchange server was down, Here is their response.

You MX is pointing to "" and the A record for "" is pointing to "" So I assume that the exchange server is named "" If the exchange server was named something else it would be very easy, since that is not the case you will need to edit qmail to set up an alternate mail server name and then set your MX records to point to it with a priority higher than 10. Take a look at for documentation.

Does anyone have an ideas on how to do this.
Cheryl LanderAsked:
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so clone your mail server using something like Symantec System Recovery that clones a live system. then give it different ip and name and have it stand by as your alternate A record?
Cheryl LanderAuthor Commented:
hmmm. not really what im after.

I need something that is not associated with our site.

What If I need t tunr off power or something.
Oh I see, well I use
From their website:
"Do you already maintain your own mail server?  Dynamic SMTP gives your server the backup it needs when it's unavailable.  Our mail servers will act as a backup to your existing mail server allowing you more flexibility and redundancy when you need it."

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Well, the way I do it, my backup Qmail server has an extended queuelifetime and I just have it spool email until the primary is back up.  This way, no email is lost.  Basically, my 'backup server' takes care of scanning email and then forwards email after scanning to the primary mail server.  If its down, it holds on to the email for up to a week, giving you time to get the primary back up.

I did it this way because it can become a real problem if you end up with user email on multiple servers and it would require an additional account in the mail client to track each account on a different server.

to do this in Qmail, you would use the smtproutes control file (you may need to create it in /var/qmail/control.

Add a record in it like this:


(Where that is the ip of your primary mail server)

All domains that you want the Qmail server to accept email for have to be listed in /var/qmail/control/rcpthosts

As to specifics for how to set up an entire Qmail server, I'd recommend John Simpson's site:

I've been working on a full Debian walkthrough I could send over if you're interested.  Its not quite complete though.
Cheryl LanderAuthor Commented:
I would love to see this.

I've been working on a full Debian walkthrough I could send over if you're interested.  Its not quite complete though.
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