Outlook does not recognize the .pst file. Says it is not a pst file.

the user upgraded from Outlook 2003 to 2007 while away from the office.  when she got back she could not connect to her pst file that resides on the share drive.  I've tried to run scanpst.ext and it says it is corrupted.  I recover her pst file from a backup (a couple in fact) and they all say that the files is not a recognized pst file.
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Bmich71Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I was never able to repair or fix any of the pst files that had recorded in my backup until around 1/16.  When I recovered from that backup, the size of the pst jumped to about 1.2 Gig, and it acted like a normal pst.  No explanation of the file corruption, and even though it appeared in every way to be a .pst file, it just wasn't.
Hello Bmich71,

Check if the PST file is write protected.  Right click on the file and select Properties. Make sure "Read Only" is not checked.

PST over LAN is not supported and sometimes does not work.  Copy the PST to local computer. Then try to access with Outlook.

Hope this helps!
Also try scandisk first and then scanpst a couple of times and see if this works. Sometimes it works wonders.

Also the file would get instantly corrupt if its over 2GB. Have a look at the link:

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Bmich71Author Commented:
Thanks.  I forgot to mention that I had moved the file locally and it did not work even then.  I checked the file and it is not "Read Only".
Bmich71Author Commented:
thanks Yioqi, but it didn't help.  Still the same error after running the scan 4 times.   Also the pst file is only 22M in size.

Then all the backup PST file is corrupted.  Instead of using ScanPST, you need something better.  Use Outlook Recovery Toolbox to recover emails from the PST file
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