SFC /scannow does not work.

How do I get sfc /scannow to run?  When I type sfc /scannow into the run command box and press enter, all I get is a flash of a DOS screen and then nothing.  I am trying to replace possible missing or corrupt Window files so that I can fix a system restore problem.
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PUNKYConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If still not work, boot system from XP CD and run from there.
open up a command prompt and type it there instead, then you can see what it says.
Start > Run sfc /scannow if this is not working, so try this:

Start > Run cmd

then type inside the command window

sfc /scannow
spectrumtechAuthor Commented:
This sollution worked for me but alas other problems persist forcing me to run a Windows repair.  Thanks for your help.  You da man!
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