Restore Exchange database to new SBS 2003 installation on new domain

A new client has come to us with a trashed SBS 2003 server - both RAID 1 disks had failed.  We can recover the Exchange drive with contents but cannot reboot the server (the whole of the operating system drive, amongst other data, is unreadable.

We plan to install SBS 2003 on a new server with a new domain.  Is it possible to move/migrate/transfer the old Exchange data to the new server in some way?  The original install had not been configured to use cached email so we have no .OST files - just access to the original Exchange drive.
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JimboEfxConnect With a Mentor Commented:
if you reinstall with same server netbios name and domain name the DB should mount, I also know a product that can mound the exchange files - let me hunt around for it...
There a differtent tools to open/repair a exchange edb file >

or like Jimbo Said rebuilt a exact SBS2003 server and mount the database
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
I had a similar problem in May and, like has been suggested above, if you set the domain name to be the same, you should be able to mount the database in a recovery storage group and then extract mailboxes from it.

SeanConnollyAuthor Commented:
Thanks Jimbo, I had already looked at OnTrack Power Controls but discounted it as cost is £750 for up to 100 mailboxes, this user has only 6 mailboxes and has just spent that amount on a new server. I used an old server, installed SBS 2003 with the same server name and domain name and was able to mount the exchange database (once I'd sepcified the database could be overwritten by a restore). I then created new users without mailboxes, connected the recovered mailboxes with the new users and ran ExMerge to export to PST files.
DO you have to use a recovery group to restore the exchange databases??
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