Change Users Last Name in Exchange 2003

In Question ID 21639918 Changing a users name for the mailbox in Outlook was discussed, however after making that change the users name still shows incorrectly to email recipients.

I changed User Smith to User Jones in ADUC then went to Control Panel and used the Mail applet to rename the mailbox in Outlook, but when she sends mail the recipient still sees User Smith.  I believe this is picked up by the name of the mailbox (visible in ESM).  I have found no way to change that.  Her PST is HUGE and cannot be lost.  (yes it is backed up, but I am a coward) so deleting her mailbox and recreating it is a last resort.  Is there some way in one of the highbrow programs like ADSI edit to rename it?

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When you go into ADUC check the email addresses tab normally a rename which is what you did? doesnt change email you need to go into the email tab then add the new email address and set it as primary.
Go to the ESM and to Recipient Update and right click and run each recipient update policy in that window. Takes just a second.

Assuming you changed the Display Name on the General tab of the user object. Which, if you right clicked the user, and clicked rename, you would have been prompted by these feilds once you changed it in AD.

Then download the latest address book in the outlook client. Send receive drop down menu, Download Address Book.  

Let us know.

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CEORACEAuthor Commented:
That was the exact right thing to do.  Thanks reubstr.  What is difficult to some is easy to others.  You helped me look very smart to my end user.
If you don't normally do this after you create an exchange user, it would have updated on its own over time. But the Rec. Upd, then downloading the Address book makes it happen now.

Glad it helped!
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