Cisco 877 and (Static) but Dynamically assigned IP issue when enabling firewall


I would like to introduce myself as a Cisco "novice" so please be gentle!

I have a Cisco 877 SEC K9 router which I would like to enable the firewall to block P2P and a few other protocols which are hogging all the available bandwidth. I have a static IP which is dynamically assigned from the ISP. I've created an account with and added the following lines of code to the router using the CLI


Ip host
ip ddns update method UPDATE_DNS
interface Dialer1
description ** ADSL Dialer Interface **
ip ddns update UPDATE_DNS
Ive noticed that its added Dialer 1 to the Interface List, It just used to say ATM0 and ATM0.1 ( I Think)
 In the GUI under Additional Tasks  Dynamic DNS Methods 

METHOD Name                - UPDATE_DNS                 Parameters -      HTTP/<None>

Taking a look at the CLI Show Running-Config the above no-ip information is visable.

When I try to enable the firewall the SDM complains that I will loose access to the SDM after applying the changes because I dont have a static IP asigned to the interface. I need remote access to the router for admin purposes and I'm not as familure with the CLI.

Can you please advise what I have to do to enable the firewall and still get access via SDM over SSH/HTTPS

Thanks, Mike.

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mf_readAuthor Commented:
Sorted, I've asked my ISP for a true Static IP and resolved the problem

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