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Cisco 877 and (Static) but Dynamically assigned IP issue when enabling firewall


I would like to introduce myself as a Cisco "novice" so please be gentle!

I have a Cisco 877 SEC K9 router which I would like to enable the firewall to block P2P and a few other protocols which are hogging all the available bandwidth. I have a static IP which is dynamically assigned from the ISP. I've created an account with no-ip.com and added the following lines of code to the router using the CLI


Ip host dynupdate.no-ip.com
ip ddns update method UPDATE_DNS
add http://mike%40mydomain.com:mypassword%40dynupdate.no-ip.com/nic/update%3Fhostname=xxxxx.no-ip.com
remove http://mike%40mydomain.com:mypassword%40dynupdate.no-ip.com/nic/update%3Fhostname=xxxxx.no-ip.com
interface Dialer1
description ** ADSL Dialer Interface **
ip ddns update UPDATE_DNS
Ive noticed that its added Dialer 1 to the Interface List, It just used to say ATM0 and ATM0.1 ( I Think)
 In the GUI under Additional Tasks  Dynamic DNS Methods 

METHOD Name                - UPDATE_DNS                 Parameters -      HTTP/<None>

Taking a look at the CLI Show Running-Config the above no-ip information is visable.

When I try to enable the firewall the SDM complains that I will loose access to the SDM after applying the changes because I dont have a static IP asigned to the interface. I need remote access to the router for admin purposes and I'm not as familure with the CLI.

Can you please advise what I have to do to enable the firewall and still get access via SDM over SSH/HTTPS

Thanks, Mike.

1 Solution
mf_readAuthor Commented:
Sorted, I've asked my ISP for a true Static IP and resolved the problem

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