Three beeps???

While in Windows XP, on a Compaq nc6220 Laptop, I lift up the laptop, something obviously jiggles, moves, etc, because it beeps at me three times quickly.  i think something is loose, but can't pinpoint it.  

If someone knows the beep codes (while windows is running) let me know.

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3 beeps = graphics card issue
wait scratch that I did not see the (while windows is running) part
cforantAuthor Commented:
Yiogi,  What are the possible issues?  I don't lose anything on the screen?  It just beeps?
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punky those are not while windows is running. Those are for when the pc boots. I did the same mistake.

cforant can you take a look in your application and system logs on your machine?

Start->Run-> EventVwr

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My bad!

Could it be the power plug going into the laptop? Do you see a battery indicator come and go down in the systray by the clock when the beeps occur?
cforantAuthor Commented:
Great Answer, led me right into the problem.
cforantAuthor Commented:
The event viewer idea was great.  It pinpointed the CDR/W as the culprit.  I made it beep, then noted the time.  I went into the system event viewer and noticed this...

The driver detected a controller error on \Device\Harddisk0\D.

\D at the end, being my CDROM Drive.  I will pull it apart to see what's loose, but it makes perfect sense.

Thanks everyone, especially Yiogi!
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