How to redirect to in same website while preserving yyyy in browser address bar

A while back someone gave me a ASP script which was inserted into my home page which allowed me to rewrite the address and all browsing on my site using the new domain name etc.  as follows.

1) I had pointing to
2) when was entered the script on the home page change the was changed from to  The was carried throughout the session.

I since lost that code and would like to reimplement it. ISA Rewrite would be a better choice, but my hosting company does not support it.

ideally I would like to be effectively mapped to and make it look to the outside world that they are accessing a separate website.
 I would truly like to have a piece of sample code that will do the trick.


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YiogiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
<iframe src="/yourpagehere.aspx" width="165" height="21" id="SymbolSearch" allowtransparency="true" frameborder="0" scrolling="No" border="0" class="iframe"></iframe>
in a web page
and response.redirect or server.transfer you do from within yourpagehere.aspx will open the new page in the iframe. The link on the browser url will not change but it will remain on the original page.
put it in a frame or an iframe and then do all your navigation in that frame.
blindrookieAuthor Commented:
do you have an example?
Sam PanwarConnect With a Mentor Sr. Server AdministratorCommented:

You can do it through the three ways.

1.IIS or from the webserver but it is not better work.
2. ASP Script
3. From the domain control panel. Please contact to the service provider for the domain forwarding from which you have register the domain .

The every domain control panel have option of the domain forwarding in which you can map or hide the URL and many more so it is better solution for redirection.
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