I cannot boot with both the /3GB and /PAE switch

I am building out an Oracle DB server on windows 32bit 2003 Enterprise OS and have always engaged teh /3GB and /PAE switch to take advantage of the memory.  this one server fails on bootup.  services don't start etc....

i can engage one or the other but not both.  there is a total of 16GB memory.
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PlaceboC6Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You know I've never given it much thought,   but I would probably do it :
/pae /3gb /userva=2900

Try adding /USERVA=2900 to go with the /3gb and see if it helps.
/PAE is required on x86 to utilize over 4gb of RAM.....so there is no going around that.  /3gb probably isn't vital.  /userva=2900 coupled with /3gb will tune it to give the kernel a little more resources that it would have otherwise had (100K).
Does it matter which order the switches are inputted in the boot.ini file?
As in /PAE /USERVA=2900 /3GB or /USERVA=2900 /PAE /3GB (or any other combination)?
Yankeefan,  have you had a chance to try this?
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