Convert a traditional NetWare volume to an NSS vol INPLACE?

Convert a traditional NetWare volume to an NSS vol INPLACE?
Upgrading a server from NW6.0 to 6.5. A mandatory requirement is that a traditional volume needs to be upgraded to NSS prior to the upgrade. Something about MAC name space requiring NSS in NW6.5.

Per this TID: 10020279

There is no way to do an inplace upgrade. You have to copy the data over to a new NSS volume.

Can someone please confirm that this is the ONLY way to convert the volume. There is no inplace upgrade process available?
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No, because it's very, very different.  Not only is the partition itself different, but the structure changes to a pool/volume structure, adding another layer - simple partition/volume becomes partition(s)/pool/volume(s).  Yes, your pool can consist of more than one physical or logical partition, and (except for the SYS pool, which should only hold the SYS volume) a pool can contain multiple volumes.  This is one case where you have to build the basket before you can put your eggs in it.

You could use a 3rd party tool like Portlock Storage Manager,  but it would do the same thing - it would copy the volume from traditional to NSS.  The difference may be that you could image the volume using Portlock, blow it away and reconfigure it to NSS (somehow), then restore it back from the image.  Sounds risky.

What I'd recommend is, for the first NW6.5 box, get a brandy-new server and install 6.5 on it in pre-migration mode, with all the disk and partitions and pools and volumes configured, and then perform and across-the-wire migration from the 6.0 server to the 6.5 server using the SCMT.EXE toolkit available from the Novell download site.  Make sure you download the latest OS and product .iso support-pack overlay CD images from the Novell site and burn them to CD and install from them and not whatever original CD set comes in the box.

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An added benefit to going with a fresh pre-migration install of 6.5 and doing ATW migration is if you have a poorly-designed server with only a SYS volume containing everything including user data, you can use the migration modeling process to relocate the user data to a separate pool/volume and get your server configured the way a server should - with the SYS volume only containing system files and no user data.
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