Why can't I install the R2 Print Management MMC snap-in on some of my servers?

Greetings everyone -

I'm running into a problem installing the R2 Print Management MMC snap-in that you can download as an Admin. Tool from Microsoft on some of my servers.

Just to get it out of the way, please do not reply by telling me that tool is for Windows XP workstations only (as I've seen on a number of forums).  It is NOT designed only for XP.  I have it installed on many servers and Microsoft publishes that it is designed to run on Server 2003 R2 in addition to XP.

That being said, when I attempt to run the install (pmcmgmt.exe), I get the following error:

"The version of windows you have installed does not match the update you are trying to install."

I have every available update from Microsoft installed including MMC 3.0 and the OS is Server 2003 R2.  The utility has installed on my other servers just fine but on a few of them I get that error.

Any idea what's going on here?
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Just a guess because I am away from my machines,  but...do you think having the mmc 3.0 installed first might be causing the problem?
amendalaAuthor Commented:
Hey there again!  You always seem to jump on my questions.  :)

I'm honestly not sure.  Even if it was the issue, what would I do about it?  I've never had to revert to a previous MMC before, I'm not even sure that's possible.

Just wait till you hear my second question about this utility... ;-)  I'll have to link you to it when I post it.

Thoughts about the MMC?
Heh.  I'm at the house waiting on the girlfriend to show up.  So I figured I'd look on here to pass some time.

I saw this posted on a forum:


Look in the registry under:
there should be a key/Folder under there that has a display name of somthing relating to the new mmc. (If you find it please post the app sid.) In that key you will find a uninstall string. if you copy the value of the uninstall string and paste it into the run command it should uninstall it.
This is a way to uninstall applications that dont show in add/remove programs. I have not tested it with this particular application. However it works on all the applications I have tested it on. Try it and see. Let me know what happens.


There wasn't an app sid in the registry on my machine, but rather a listing for the KB article where the MMC was discussed - KB907265. In that key there's an uninstall string in the right pane. Copy the string to the RUN command and it's uninstalled. (WinXP SP2 + latest updates) The string is the location of the uninstaller for that KB article download.

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amendalaAuthor Commented:
I will likely try this Monday morning.  Thanks for the help and I'll talk to you then.  I'm outta here to start my weekend too.

Hopefully you see alerts when I post a new comment.

Thanks man!
Np.   Have a good one.
amendalaAuthor Commented:
So I've returned and taken a look at what you suggested, unfortunately, to no avail.

The 907265 update has not been installed on this system and it is not listed in the Uninstall key in the registry.  Nor is anything listed for the MMC.

The 907265 update is one of the downloads that Microsoft claims you have to obtain to install the Print Management console (it's on the same download page).  When I try to install that update (907265), I get the exact same error that I get when I attempt to install the Print Management console.  Both of them throw the "The version of Windows you have installed..." error.

It would appear that some update somewhere is causing this thing to fail.  Sigh...
amendalaAuthor Commented:
My goodness I'm a complete doofus.  I've been having an administrator brain-fart.

I've got the issue "fixed" so to speak.  It was my mistake.  I was attempting to install the downloadable version of the Print Management MMC console on Server 2003 R2.  All I needed to do was go install the Print Management component via the Add/Remove Windows Components interface.  What a dork.

So the snap-in is now functioning.  However, I am seeing a discrepancy in what is reported when I run the utility on a workstation versus a server.  I'm going to post a new question titled "Why does the Print Management MMC snap-in report different printers when run from a workstation versus a server" if you'd like to help with that!

Thanks again!

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