Windows File Sharing / NetBIOS across Subnets

I've been reading here about sharing files and such across subnets but need help troubleshooting and advice to get mine working. I'm running XP on all machines. I have a Buffalo router as gateway and a Vyatta router behind it that adds another subnet:

Internet --> Buffalo/Gateway ( --> / Vyatta router / --> Clients in network

Here's my routing table on the Vyatta:
Routes: 4/4, Paths: 4/4                [static(1)]        > to        via eth0                [connected(0)]        > to                via lo                [connected(0)]        > to        via eth0                [connected(0)]        > to        via eth1

From behind the Vyatta, clients can access the internet fine and DNS works. Clients here (.13) can ping clients in the .11 subnet but can NOT ping by name; only by IP address. The Buffalo router has DHCP enabled (on .11.99) and the Vyatta has DHCP enabled (on .13.1).

Is there a way to allow Windows file sharing over my subnets? How? Currently I'm not in a domain environment--do I need to have a WINS "server" in each subnet to allow clients to see each other in My Network Places? How can I get internal name resolution to work? Thanks!
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The easiest way to accomplish what you want is to create a hosts file containing the name-to-IP mappings of the servers you want to share then save that host file on your local machine(s). You can also map shares by using IP addresses; i.e., \\\Files is equivalent to \\ServerA\Files.
goldylamontAuthor Commented:
i've tried using the \\\Files to access file shares but it doesn't work. file explorer just hangs, although i can ping the ip on the command line. what gives?

also, i think the host file is a good idea, but clients get addresses from DHCP on both subnets so their mappings can change. is there any way to pass this DHCP info between subnets so that each client computer doesn't have to have this static mapping (some setting on the routers perhaps)?
goldylamontAuthor Commented:
actually it's weird. from .13 i can ping some IP addresses in .11 fine (i can ping .11.3 and .11.99 great), but others i cannot ping although within the .11 subnet they are perfectly pingable. how is this possible? I have Vyatta installed on a spare computer with two spare NICs I had laying around--could the issue be that the NICs aren't made for routing?
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Is there a reason you are using a second router and not a just a switch in place of the Vyatta?  Turn off DHCP on the Vyatta and set it up with a LAN IP on the .11.0 subnet that is outside of the Buffalo DHCP leases and use the Vyatta as a switch and then you will have one network and all should be easier to config.  Have nothing plugged into the WAN IP of the Vyatta and change the WANs IP to some other networks IP, maybe your  Don't do this if you are trying to setup a DMZ type network for the 11.0 network.

Hope this helps!.....:)
goldylamontAuthor Commented:
well, i'm testing having two subnets at home--i need to do this because i have a client that needs this done at their office. they have two servers, both SBS2003 domain controllers on the same subnet...long story short, I want to put them on separate subnets so each DC can host DHCP and DNS for their domains; but I need the computers to be able to see each other across the subnets for file sharing purposes.
goldylamontAuthor Commented:
ok, what I needed to do was this--I needed to add a WINS server to the Local Area Connection TCP/IP advanced properties dialogue. So, you have to tell clients in either subnet to look for WINS in the other subnet in order to resolve.

for other readers of this--there's no perfect way to get WINS resolution across subnets in a Workgroup environment; you need to be in a domain environment so that there can be a WINS Master Browser in each subnet which can share information between each other.

hope this helps out other users.

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