<windows root>\system32\hal.dll.

Currently running windows XP Prof, Have 2 raptors in a raid 0 configuration(software).

My computer locked up on me and upon restarting it, it would get to the windows loading screen(blue bars running across) and then stop and do nothing. I was first able to boot up in safe mode. Ran some chkdsks on my drives and it said everything seemed fine. Next time I boted it up it did the same thing. I attempted to reinstall windows from the safe mode but there was an error and wasn't able to finish. I can't remember what the error was. I then booted up and I get the <windows root>\system32\hal.dll.
error and it won't finish the boot cycle. I attempted to use the repair console and upon hitting (R) to go into it, it says that it doesn't see any hard drives on my system. I can go into my raid config using F10 and it shows both drives there and everything seems fine. And then now for some reason when i boot up, it boots all the way into windows but it says it had a problem validating windows and I need to validate it. I hit the option yes and it just logs me off and into a cycle where I can't get to the windows screen. Same things happens when I try to reapir it though, can't see the drives.
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1. Place your Windows XP CD into your CD-ROM and Reboot your PC

2. XP's setup program will automatically start and files will be loaded to memory

3. When you reach the Welcome to Setup screen choose the Repair option by pressing R

4. This will start the Recovery console and the list of Windows installations will appear

5. As you only have one installation on your PC you need to press the number which is relevant to your installations location. This, obviously will typically be 1

6. Type in your Administrator password. If you are using Windows XP Home edition the administrator password is blank by default so simply press Enter

7.Now type bootcfg/list

8. A list will now appear of all the entries in your boot.ini file

9. Next type bootcfg/rebuild

10. Your boot.ini file should now be repaired

11. Finally remove your XP CD from the CD-ROM and then type Exit

12. Reboot your machine to see if the the problem has been cured

Just a few modification.

When appears the recovery console,

Attrib -H -R -S C:\Boot.ini (press enter) // To make the boot.ini easy to edit
DEL C:\Boot.ini (press enter) // delete the faulty boot.ini
BootCfg /Rebuild (enter) // rebuild boot.ini
Fixboot (enter)
Exit (enter

I will bet you it is these "Raptors" that everyone loves so much, but die fast deaths.  WD raptors are one of the most unreliable drives on the market, people read the overrated Xfer specs on them, they become "en-raptored" with them and buy them -- others who had lucky batches will say they are great -- but the ones who got the bad batches -- they die hard and fast.  I now tell everyone to stay away from WD.  They have been unreliable in volume for more than 15 years, and they still have not improved in the Raptors.

To recover what you can, if any, go to www.runtime.org and DL getdataback, it is a GREAT recovery tool.

Buy Hitachi (IBM) drives and you won't have this problem.  That is the best long-term advice in this issue.

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tsalheiserAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your reply Discqman but as stated before I can't get into the repair console due to the fact that it doesn't recognize the raid drive. It then gives me one option which is to quit. Scrathcyboy, I was looking at the getdataback option and was wondering how to do it in a raid setup. I have to keep them in a raid to access them right? The program wants you to hook up the drive as a slave. I'm just starting to learn about the raid stuff so I'm not too clear on this. If I split the drives and undo the raid I can access one of them but it says the other one is corrupted and won't let me access it. I can feel both hard drives are spinning upon boot up. The data is split among the 2 drives correct? So would I need to do the getdataback on both individually then merge them somehow or do i need to use keep them as a raid? Thank you for your replies.
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