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I need to change the IP address on a Netware 5 box (which I did not setup initially). I believe the correct way to do this is via 'inetcfg' from the command line?
At the moment, this server has two NICs and acts as the default gateway for the LAN clients. I would like to remove one NIC and stop using it as the default gateway at the same time. Is removing the second NIC from the server sufficient or will the IP/IPX configuration have to be 'unbound' somewhere.
Anything else I need to think of before I change the IP?

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BudDurlandConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I presume there's no other services on this server, such as BorderManager or GroupWise, which may require the second NIC.

Generally, INETCFG is the place to do the IP address change, unless the server is still using the "old" way of loading the NIC drivers and binding protocols as separate commands in the AUTOEXEC.NCF. You will probably have to re-generate certificates (search the Novell Knowledge Base for "PKIDIAG").  If you have any IP services running in the server (Apache, etc), there may be hard to find references to the old IP address in configuration files.  There is a utility called "GREP" that can help tremendously for that.  I believe there is a native NetWare version somewhere; maybe on the Novell Cool Solutions site.

Removing the NIC is straight forward.  Remove all references to it in INETCFG.  Remember to configure the IP binding for the remaining NIC as an "END NODE".  Shutdown, pull the card, boot.


MarkMichaelAuthor Commented:
Thanks very much. Another post on here mentioned the local hosts file too which I also changed.
Cheers Bud.
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