Disconnection/ idle time changes to Citrix

Hi there

We are using Citrix Presentation Server 4 on Windows 2003 servers.

We have noticed that some clients are still in a 'disconnected' state even after apparently logging off. Also, sometimes, there are sessions that are in an idle time for more than 30mins.

My question is two fold:

What is the best method to set a disconnection time out of 2 mins, is it via the Citrix Configuration Tool on each server?

And how I can set a configuration so that users with an idle time of more than 20mins get logged off automatically? Again, is it via the Configuration tool on each server?

....and is there a way to apply this to the farm rather than configuring on each server?

Any help appreciated!

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You want to make a Citrix Policy.  Open up the Presentation Server Console and find the policies.  You can configure this for any combination of users, servers, groups, etc.  This is quick and is set in one place for the farm.  
Actaully, I don't think you can set the timeouts setings using Citrix Policys, you will need to set them using termainl server setting in a GPO for your Citrix/Termainl Server OU.


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Ahh, my bad, for some reason I thought you could set that in Ctx Policy.  
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