Anybody see any cool delete functionality?

I would like to explore some innovative ways to delete items on my UI. Things like thumbnails, records in a database and so on. I've seen some cool things over the the last 6 months with people using Ajax or DHTML but just exploring this avenue. Requirements being only that I see the traditional "Are you sure you want to delete this item".

Thanks for the any links or demos.

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mailBoy2Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Mix the delete code from experts exchange with the examples from these page - that will give you the result you are after: (I'd use examples from the second link and have an onclick display block to hide/show it )

Cut & Paste Fade In Content Viewer

Cross-browser BlendTrans Filter JavaScript
which UI, which setup?  Hosting , local server, which language, which browser, deleting from where?  it is almost impossible to help you without some specifics, PLEASE be specific !!!
Do something like the examples here:

Then on submit have your 'do you really want to delete the items on the right'

brihol44Author Commented:
Sorry for not being specific....A good example of what I'm looking for is if you post a question on Experts Exchange and you want to delete the question you will see a div layer appear with the confirmation to delete or cancel.

Maybe it's too much eye candy to add in but I was hoping to find something similar to this functionality but with a fade in effect. So many new things come out every day just wanted to see if anybody new of something like this that can be implemented quickly.


brihol44Author Commented:
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