Getting "connect bluetooth DUN Connection" pop up on Firefox and IE7 but dont know why


On my desktop, when I use Firefox or IE7, I am occasionally getting a "connect bluetooth DUN Connection" pop up which effectively locks the browser until I close the dialogue box

- In Firefox the pop-up is titled "Connect bluetooth DUN Connection"
- In IE7 the pop up is titled "Dial up connection" and the default option in the drop list is "Bluetooth DUN Connection"

I can recreate this by typing (say) "http://goog/" and clicking the enter key.  It happens quite a lot after I click a random link in a given web page but I am not sure why.

 This is a fairly recent occurrence, and aside from
1. upgrading my Trend Micro s/w to 2008 version and
2. Enabling the "NWLink IPX/SPX/NetBIOS Compatible Transport Protocol" to fix  a problem whereby the firewalled computers using TrendMicro could not talk to each other over the WIndows Workgroup

Note I do have a USB bluetooth key for this desktop, but I only plug it in when I need it and besides I have used that Bluetooth key the same way for for years without this error occurring.

 I cannot think of any other items of significance that may be contributing to this issue.

Are you able to assist please in telling what is causing this message and how to stop it?

Many Thanks
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Marc ZCommented:

Have you checked through your bluetooth settings to make sure DUN is turned off, in it?  Or turn off any Bluetooth Modem awareness?

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Marc ZCommented:
Have a look at this page also.
Flying_High_71Author Commented:
Although  this did not seem to be the exact solution it led me to the right place I guess.

My Bluetooth Connection in Network Places was disabled, however when I got the pop up, I went to 'settings' and found there was a bluetooth option in the Dial Up Settings.  I am not sure how it got there.  Maybe at some point in the distant past I was opting to send faxes via Bluetooth?  I dont think I did, but it is the only thing that comes to mind

In the settings I removed the Bluetooth as an option for Dial Up and I do not appear to be getting the error any longer where I was always able to recreate it.

So thanks for your assistance anyway!


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