VPN on ZOOM X6 Modem, using AT&T communication Manager

I have a ZOOM X6 wireless modem/router.  I hook up a wireless laptop and the laptop sees the wifi.  However, when I try to use a VPN connection, the internet connection is severed.  Only when I turn off the VPN the connection comes back up.  Why can't I use a VPN connection?
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All internet traffic is being routed through the vpn and the server your connected to is not setup for routing vpn traffic to the internet.

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BoomerSooner013Author Commented:
I am sorry that I don't understand the whole answer.  Does that mean that the server I am trying to connect to is not setup for routing VPN traffic or that my modem/router is not setup for VPN traffic?
BoomerSooner013Author Commented:
I did not understand this solution.  So, I went out to my modem vendor, yet again.  I went through the help desk and I emailed my request for some help.  It was there that I recieved a response that solved the problem.  I recieved at firmware update.  I didn't actually think it would work, but it has.  I am up on the internet throught my desktop and am able to use VPN on my laptop without special configuration settings.  This is the way it should have been to start with.
BoomerSooner013Author Commented:
I solved this problem through more tenacity.  I went through the phone help system again and I also requested help in email.  it was through email that I recieved a firmware update.
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