Internet shortcuts open in IE6 looking IE7 Window

I have a PC that i just did an upgrade from Windows 98 to XP Home on. After installing IE7, if i click on the windows update icon in the start menu, it opens two windows, one that is just blank, and the other goes to the windows update site. They both however look like IE6 windows (no tabbed browsing, etc.). This is only happening with link not clicked on in a browser. If i goto yahoo or whatever and click a link all is fine. And opening IE7 by itself looks like it should.
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The MS website is simply presenting you an IE6 looking page because it is doing background detect of the computer state and the browser, and since it was running 98 now upgraded to HOME, it is assuming you are running IE6 -- this is M$ stealth detection of your system and personal information in the background, under cover, and without your knowledge, in full play.  I recommend for everyone to turn off windows updating, it only puts trojans on your system to check your licenses and so forth.  When you feel the need, do a manual update of a MAJOR windows update each year.  These automatic hotfix updates often cause you more grief than you bargained for, it is just better to turn them off and use a good router + firewall.

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