RDP Not working from inside of VPN

Once my clients VPN in using Cisco VPN client/Concentrators thay can connect to everything inside of my network.  However, our support staff cannot RDP to their desktops for support using MS Remote Desktop but they can ping the PC.  I ahve lloked through the configurations of the OIX and see no refence to port 3389 at all.
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If you can ping the remote hosts, then routing should be OK.  When the support staff pings the remote host across the VPN connection, does the traffic actually go through the PIX at all?  This will depend on your network topology.  From the info that you have given so far, I would say that you should verify that RDP is enabled on the remote clients.  Can you post a simple network diagram showing the placement of the PIX, VPN concentrator and the support staff machines?

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Can they just to 'telnet <rdpmachine> 3389' and see ?

Rob WilliamsCommented:
Another thought; is the Windows or any other software firewall enabled on the PC's?
Remote desktop by default creates an exception in the windows firewall. However, this is usually only for connections from your local LAN/subnet. Following link outlines how to check and edit the firewall scope options for remote desktop, to allow connections from other or all networks:
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