HP Pavillion M9040N PC with Vista Home Premium won't boot out of box

I just  bought a HP m9040n media PC with Vista Home premium. I pulled it out of the box, plugged it in and it won't boot.

-Nothing on the screen
-Computer beeps, short, long, break, short, long, break .... etc etc.
-Computer has 3GB of ram
-Not making it to POST

The strange part is that I got this computer after buying a M8067C and it did the EXACT same thing. Atleast it booted the first few times.

The motherboard model number IPIBL-LA

I don't want to have to send this one back. Anyone have any ideas?

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New system! you should not fix any issue with it though!!! did you call HP?

Might be the power in your house? or something loosen during shipment but it is rare.
Are you sure it's one short, and one long? usually the longer beep is first. anyway, first thing you can try, is to open the case, remove your RAM and reinsert it. It may need reseated due to vibrations during shipping at some point.  if you have any I/O cards, you can try to remove and reseat them, then boot the system.

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just to add... the beeps you hear, are the POST beeps...
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