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EASY EASY POINTS! How do I format a string so that it has appropriately placed commas?

I have an array.  It contains numbers ranging from 1 to 100,000,000.  However, the number does NOT have commas.  I want to format the numbers into a String where the numbers have appropriately placed commas.  How do I do this?

100000000 should be formatted to 100,000,000
10000 should be 10,000
100 should be 100
1000 should be 1,000
1000000 should be 1,000,000
1 Solution
How are you displaying the numbers now?  

Use the Format function

Format(MyNumber, "#,###")
  The # will display any digit, and for values less that 1000, it will only display the value (no comma as a separator), for Numbers >= 1000, no matter how large, the value will be properly formatted (the proper 'thousands' separator)


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