How to view shared Outlook Calendars in Entourage

Hi, I am using Entourage now with Office 2008 on a Mac G4 PowerBook running OSX.

I am trying to "Open other users folder" for viewing Calendars, but when I try to open another user, an error comes up telling me that it cannot find the user in the global address list.

I am using OWA - and I tried http://servername/exchange/username/calendar, as suggested in other posts, but it is still not working.

Any help would be great.


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MiniDevoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This may be an issue of there being a problem with the GAL (Global Address List) itself, not necessarily Entourage. Do you have access to another machine, preferably a PC that has Outlook? I've experienced the same issue, and it was remedied by the Exchange team updating the GAL to reflect the appropriate mailbox for that user. If you can show that you are having multiple instances of the same problem, you may be able to point directly to the GAL as opposed to Entourage.
This is something I have been trying to find a solution for for an absolute age; I have tried all the so called solutions on multiple pages but everytime getitng error messages until I stumbled across this solution posted by a blogger.

Find the person using the address book, then highlight them, click Advanced, then in that window type in the full URL to their OWA root

You're good to go.

Has to do with email alias not matching the login name... something that should be very easy for the client to cope with.

Also for further info look here
The KB is a little misleading.  What it boils down to is this:
1) In Entourage, go to File "Open Other User's Folder".
2) Click the "Contact" icon on the right.
3) Click Advanced.
4) Fill in the name box with a descriptor (this is the text that will appear in Entourage next to the connection - purely descriptive)
5) E-mail Address box (this is the key) it must be one of the Fully Qualified Exchange SMTP aliases for that user (like
6) Click OK and you should be all set.
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