running windows programs on mac

Hello there,
I wanted to buy this laptop
but I currently use one MS VB6 application on my windows xp computer
is it possible to run this on mac?
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I have used VB6 on MAC with the emulator without any problems.
The laptop looks amazing, as long as the emulator runs properly you should have an amazing system.
If it is 64 Bit you may run into problems if you use 3rd Party AddIns.

This is the new thin Mac? Should be intel based so you can run parrallels and Windows XP to run your application.
Eoin OSullivanConsultantCommented:
XK8ER - The short answer is YES .. there are a few caveats however
1. The HD is ONLY 80GB and runs at 4200RPM ,.... early performance tests confirm that the speed and performance of the laptop is far from spectacular .. see the review and benchmarks here.

2. The Air has only 1 USB port , NO DVD drive and NO ethernet.  To install Windows on BootCamp on the AIR you'll need to BUY the additional USB DVD Drive.  According to Apple which adds  another $99 USD to the cost.

3. Running VB6 with associated files and resources, plus Windows XP will probably mean you need to set 30Gb for BootCamp partition and this will leave you with a small OSX partition.  Neither OS will have much free space .. before you begin to do any development work.  You'll probably need a USB external drive for storage!!

4. To be honest, while it is a gorgeous piece of equipment, paper thin and light as a feather .. the MacBook Air is not really intended as a desktop replacement or a development platform.  It is squarely aimed at gadget fanatics and travelling business users as the storage and performance of the laptop are compromised for size and weight gains.  You might want to consider the less thin but more capacious and powerful MacBook or MacBook Pro as you laptop of choice.


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Here is another possibility which may or may not work:

Cross Over Mac is a 100 meg application that will allow you to run SOME Windows applications on an Intel Mac WITHOUT a full install of a Windows operating system.  If it will run the one application you need, it is a bargain as it costs only $60, doesn't require a licenced copy of Windows, and takes up little disk space.

I use it on my Intel Mac for one purpose. I need to access our office remotely using Microsoft Web Access and that requires me to run the Windows version of Internet Explorer in order to run an ActiveX component. (You can't run ActiveX on any native Mac Browser, including the Mac version of IE). For that purpose it works just great.

If you have a friend with an Intel Mac, they could try the demo version of Crossovers to see if it will run your VB6 app.
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