How to comprehend the Benchmark scores from PC Wizard Program?

There is no documentation/Help data on understanding the PC Wizard (CPUID) Program in the Benchmark rating scores.

I presume the higher the score number the better.

Anyone familiar with what to know in these scores?

Processor Global Performance :      30484.87
Cache Global Performance :      0
Memory Global Performance :      0
Video Global Performance :      961
Hard Disk Global Performance :      80
PC   Wizard   Rating : :      
    3152.59 :

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Fatal_ExceptionSystems EngineerCommented:
One of the things I love about EE is the new stuff I find (by virtue of the questions) that I can put in my toolbox.  

After installing and testing your app, it is interesting that we can find no documentation on the benchmarks...  but I will assume you are correct.  But just as an aside, I am running XP Pro on my old server, a dual processor, 2 Ghz AMD system, with 1 Gig of PC 3200 RAM..  here are my benchmarks:

<<< Global Performance >>>
  > Processor Global Performance : 7184.056
  > Cache Global Performance : 0
  > Memory Global Performance : 0
  > Video Global Performance : 299
  > Hard Disk Global Performance : 62

Obviosly, if we are correct, I sure would not want to go against you in any competition..  :)

jamesg1940Author Commented:
I'm so Newbie on benchmarks, that from what you state, the higher the score the better.
Stay tuned on this topic, as others will inform us both.
Fatal_ExceptionSystems EngineerCommented:
Yes, usually the higher the benchmark scores the better, as noted..  I also ran the utility on some of my test systems at work and they confirm this hypothesis...

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